The people have spoken, and by people I mean me.
  1. Let's star with President Whitmore, who, as we all know, fought against the extraterrestrial invaders in Independence Day.
    This guy had everything: the leadership, the looks, the speeches, the "dad of the year" vibe, the super convenient flying skills and the courage to lead an attack against a really violent race of shitty extraterrestrials. Never forget that when his national security advisor asked him to not lead the attack and stay at a safe place he was all like "Nah, I belong in the sky". BEST PRESIDENT IN THE U.S. HISTORY BY FAR!
  2. President Marshall, who apparently had the worst security team in history.
    I mean, really! His head of security betrayed him and somehow the entire presidential security staff failed to realize they were letting an entire team of radical hijackers fly aboard the Air Force One. This guy had to save his family, kill the hijackers, find a way to get everyone off a plane that couldn't land and deal with foreign policy shit AT THE SAME FUCKING TIME!
  3. President Dale, who always tried to negotiate peace...and failed but left us a lesson.
    President Dale was a true diplomat, he consistently tried to find a peaceful solution to a clearly evil martian attack, and even though now we know that was a terrible idea that eventually killed him, it was kind of nice to see a pacifist president, wasn't it?