1. I was born at home to very old, stubborn hippie parents
  2. I was raised Catholic AND Hindu
  3. I studied abroad in India and caught giardia by swimming in the Gangis.
  4. I nearly died in Rome when a delivery truck backed over me.
  5. I'm a lactose-intolerant celiac that doesn't possess the enzymes to digest meat.
  6. I have a tattoo of a marshmallow Peep on fire
  7. I'm not afraid of spiders, snakes or roaches. I'd win the fear factor challenge that involves a glass box with creepy crawlers.
  8. I'm too terrified of heights to stand on a chair.
  9. I think Mads Mikkelsen is so beautiful that all other humans look like potatoes to me now.
  10. As a young child I had crushes on Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Michael Myers and The Candyman
  11. As an adult I have a crush on Hannibal Lecter
  12. My first memory is of meeting the Dalai Lama