48 Hours in Ireland

  1. Flew into Dublin 12:20 10.7.16 - had to sleep in airport for 5 hours before our bus to Galway
  2. Bus to Galway 6:45am
    We used GoBus straight from the Dublin Airport 15€ per person one way
  3. Arrived to Galway 10:00am and found our B&B
  4. Our lovely BB hosts fed us breakfast
  5. Rainy walk through center of Galway
  6. Nap Time
  7. First Pint! 17:06
  8. Biteclub Discotheque
    Great place! Fish tacos and burgers- all locally sourced and delicious
  9. First real food for me in a few days because I had food poisoning. Me= stoked!
  10. Tigh Fox - First Irish Coffee and Irish Music
  11. The King's Head - Second Irish Coffee and First Guinness
  12. We're tired. Too tired for pictures.
  13. An Pota Caife for Crepes 19:00
    Brought them to the bar in prep for the game: Euro Final France vs Portugal
  14. Watched Euro Cup Final 2016
    Portugal 1 - 0 France
  15. Best was watching these French kids sulking after their loss
  16. Watched Giant Insect Parade
    The Beginning to a week long festival in Galway. wish we could stay!
  17. Sleep. Not pictured.
  18. Day 2! Breakfast 9:00 - That's an original newspaper clippin about the Titanic
  19. Bus back to Dublin 11:15am
  20. Arrived to Dublin Airbnb near the Guinness factory, but I don't really drink so i couldn't care less.
  21. Ordered Take Out 15:00 - Kimchi - you just have to imagine
    Delicious Japanese Korean sushi
  22. Coffee at 17:00 3fe
  23. Guinness Bridge Visit
  24. Dinner at Facebook Offices with my friend Alex; Alex is also the name of my boyfriend, but we wont get into that.
  25. First Pint of the Day
  26. A bunch more pints and I don't have any photos of the cool bars we went to. whoops. #lightweight
  27. Sleep. Not pictured.
  28. Cornucopia Brunch 12pm
    Such amazing vegan and vegetarian food!!!
  29. Sent out some postcards
  30. Trinity College Walk 13:00
  31. Coffee Break 14:00
  32. Walk through Temple Bar
  33. Street Musicians! 15:00
  34. Guinness Storehouse Tour
  35. Learned how to pour my own! 16:00
  36. Bus to airport with my new friend 18:00
  37. Bye Ireland! you are swell 20:10