Iceland Quick Start Guide

We spent 5 days in this magical place. Had a few misadventures but now understand why the Icelanders avoid arduous planning.
  1. Flybus
    Cheapest and most convenient way to get to downtown Reykjavik from the Keflavik airport if you're renting a car later or going to take buses everywhere. Flybus will drop you off and pick you up at most hotels in the city. If you're doing airbnb just get dropped off at the hotel closest to the place you're staying.
  2. Happy Camper
    After hitching rides and learning from the locals, your cheapest way to travel is to rent a spacious car or camper van. In the summertime, camping in your car is the BEST option to see the sights and have the freedom to stop whenever and wherever. We saw campers pitch tents just about anywhere there was a patch of grass.
  3. Hitchhiking
    Totally LEGAL, socially acceptable, and safe! Try it! Great way to interact with locals.
  4. Straeto Bus
    No one really mentions the actual public transportation at first- local tourist agencies want you to only use their expensive services (Reykjavik Excursions). Do some research, you can easily get anywhere by bus for a fraction of the price.
  5. Taxis
    Don't take them. Too expensive!
  6. fish & more (Reykjavik food spot)
    Great little spot for coffee and awesome Icelandic fish dishes. Open faced salmon sandwich great for snack and Plokkifur for a full meal.
  7. Big Lebowski Bar
    Get a White Russian and dance the night away with both locals and tourists.
  8. SNAPS
    Best seafood in Reykjavik.
  9. Skyr
    Protein filled yogurt. Amazing. Been part of Icelandic diet for thousands of years. If I could, I would have it every day for the rest of my life.
  10. Nepalese Kitchen
    You can tell the owners are passionate about their native food. Delicious curry and pleasant place.
  11. Kaffi Cafe
    Stopped in for ice cream and cappuccino post dinner. Sweet family owned place.
  12. Hvönn
    Need a pick me up? Lemon, spinach, ginger, Stevia- an LA person's dream. Found in any grocery store.
  13. Walk around Old Harbor and Harpa- Reykjavik
    Take walk along the old Harbor to Harpa Concert Hall and Viking Ship
  14. Reykjadalur
    30 min out of Reykjavik - hike to hot river!
  15. Blue Lagoon
    Fun day trip from the capital, but definitely filled with tourists. Bring your own towel, sandals, & snacks because those are expensive add ons. Great experience nonetheless, but locals recommend going to Myhavn Lagoon instead!
  16. Hellishollar Cottages
    Feels like locals come here to relax. Not too many tourists! You can camp, stay in the cottages, fish, and all kinds of other activities!
  17. Lamb
    Icelandic sheep are raised on the most beautiful free roaming pastures. The mean is lean and extremely flavorful.
  18. Seljandalfoss and Skógafoss
    Both very close to each other. You can camp out right in front of both. You can see both from the main HWY.
  19. Plane Crash
    Be ready for a 4 km walk from your car. Look for signs for Sólheimasandur off the 1. Good directions:
  20. Hotel Edda - Vik
    Check out expedia before you get to the hotel-prices will be better. Great views from summer cottages (wifi only in lobby) and amazing breakfast!
  21. N1 Vik Gas Station
    Dope restaurant inside. We had lamb soup and burger. After a 14 mi hike we might have been bias but this is one of four restaurants in town and does the job well.
  22. Water
    Water anywhere in Iceland is the best and most potable water in the world. Don't buy it in stores, unless you need a bottle to fill up. In cities, the hot water contains and smells like sulfur. Let the cold water run a bit before you drink it.
  23. Fresh and Dry Fish
    Best of Iceland. Eat as much as possible wherever you go.
  24. Iceland Motto
    "It will save itself" really rung true in most things we did. Enjoy every minute of this magical land!