Just to make sure not all has turned against me yet... Here are five good things that happened yesterday.
  1. I baked a delicious gingerbread cake.
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    ... knowing only the ingredients (GBBO technical style! Any Brits here?). Also, the layers were all perfectly even! 😏
  2. Finished my 4th CV for job category "design".
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    Looks smashin'! And here's a snippet:
  3. I printed an 29x29cm iPhone photo and it looked spectacular.
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    I'm amazed by the resolution of these tiny phone cameras.
  4. I dreamed of being in John Mayer's band.
    I was late for a studio session, so I got up and got dressed and I put two watches around my ankles before deciding that's too "out there" so I only put one on my wrist. 🤔 What that might mean?
  5. New emojis!!!!!