In honour of his birthday and because that's the only thing I really wanna discuss right now, here is a run down of the best tunes by @john for any mood/situation you might find yourself in. Guaranteed to offer valuable advice/sunshine in any life situation.
  1. The Heart of Life
    That little voice that tells you all will be ok when all is pretty much not ok. Great when you don't have anyone at hand to tell you that.
  2. Stop This Train
    Reminder: when you're far away from home, go say hi more often...
  3. Say
    Just cause the line "do it with a heart wide open" has become my mantra. Also the most quotable John Mayer song when your friend needs life advice and you ain't got any.
  4. Queen of California
    100% suitable for pretending to be in a music video when walking down the street. Also, no idea what it's about but I like heading out west with my headphones on.
  5. In Repair
    When things looked bleak but you're starting to think I might pull through this one. Also the essence of what is meant by equilibrium in Freud's psychodynamic theory - there is no equilibrium is what I believe. I'm open for discussion.
  6. Your Body is a Wonderland
    Will make you dance - always, anywhere - and happy.
  7. Wildfire
    An ingredients list for a great summer. Works in any campfire situation or out and about on a breezy, light summer night.
  8. Why Georgia
    #Mood. Every 20-something can relate to that. I still wonder whether it might be a quarter-life crisis or just a stirring in my soul...
  9. Who did You think I was
    Because sometimes you need badass guitar and full on crazy drums to shake it all off to. And also he just on fleek live!
  10. Gravity
    The cough relief for your soul... simply soothing. Or when you need to practice your air guitar solos real bad. And the one song I refuse to listen to if I can't give it all of my attention and appreciation. It's one for THE MOMENT.