Just so you don't think I'm an ungrateful brat!
  1. â€ĸ
    I know your parcel has arrive at my home...
  2. â€ĸ
    But I'm currently at my parents.
    Christmas and all... 😑đŸ”Ģ
  3. â€ĸ
    So, I can't open it in time for Christmas.
    🙁☹ī¸đŸ˜ đŸ˜Ģ😤😓
  4. â€ĸ
    But as soon as I stumble through the door I will drop ma bags, grab a knife and get to business!
  5. â€ĸ
    So watch out for ma secret santa reveal list on the 28th!
  6. â€ĸ
    And for now - happy ho-ho-holidays! ☃🎄🎅đŸŧ