Ever since I got my tonsils removed (aged 5) I only ever get a sore throat and the sniffles whenever a cold hits me. Here's what I do to get back ob my feet asap!
  1. Catch it at the first sign.
    Do the following whenever you feel a cold or sore throat coming.
  2. Gurgle soluble paracetamol.
    Best tip ever! Dissolve a soluble paracetamol 500 tablet in 100ml of water and gurgle for as long as possible. I only swallow the mixture if I have a fever or headache, otherwise just spit out. I do that 3-4 times a day depending on how bad it is. If you do swallow it make sure you're not going over the daily paracetamol allowance.
  3. Medicated lozenge for the pain.
    If it gets really bad, I'll get some Strepsil's to numb the pain but also to help keep my throat lubricated.
  4. Ben & Jerry's... 😏
    Sore throat + cold ice cream = numb throat and lots of bubbly happy feelings. Always a win/win.
  5. Drink.
    Like a boss - I'll have to have a constant flow of fluids through my body to get healthy again. Weirdly I am always craving apple juice when I'm ill - anyone else?! 🙄
  6. Rest.
    DO: Sleep, doze, surf, read, listen to music. DON'T: move.