Inspired by @gillianjacobs here's what was not so crappy in 2015.
  1. I learned how to bake like a boss!
    Just one example... Black Forest Gateaux cupcakes.
  2. I discovered John Mayer!
    It's a love affair that just won't end... I'm swooned. It's become the soundtrack to my life!
  3. I learned how to cut a frozen brain to 20um thickness and place it on a glass slide.
    No creases, no bubbles! 😎
  4. Graduated from King's College London with an MSc in Neuroscience.
    I'll brag, I'm cool with that. Was a lot a work and I lost a piece of my soul that I haven't gotten back yet, but I graduated with distinction so guess we're even.
  5. I hiked in Scotland, on my own, and climbed a mountain!
    That was good fun and many more hikes are planned for next year!
  6. Well, 2016 - you got every chance of topping that!