I had to quit my Apple Music membership but couldn't get by without my daily dose of @john 's tunes, so I ordered a bunch of his records. Today they arrived and I realised that I completely forgot how great it can be to own a physical copy... So here are some thoughts on it.
  1. The excitement and anticipation that builds up in you as you open up the case, get the disk out and load up your player...
    You just don't get that when you hit play on iTunes...
  2. And then, suddenly - bam- the track starts, and you're in the music. My computer speakers just don't cut it like that.
  3. The Booklet!
    Since when did I forget the joys of - The Booklet - ?!
  4. Pictures
    The wonderfully exclusive images you'll only get in the booklet.
  5. Credits
    Knowing a bit about the artist and those who he worked with it's really cool to see who worked on which track and whether (sometimes) you can hear the differences. Also, I want to see if I hear every instrument mentioned in the credits.
  6. Thank yous.
    Cause we're all nosey and we love when things get emosh!
  7. The art and design work.
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    I mean - did you see the figure showing emotional content in each song on Heavier Things?! Or the hand-written song lyrics written across pictures from the studio session on Continuum?? You ain't gonna see those quirky little things anywhere else!