1. This dog lives at my parents house in Brookline and he is everything to me.
    His name is Nikko, and he's very old. this picture was taken many years ago. Say hello to high school senior Mariana! She hates smiling.
  2. Walking through Harvard Square on summer nights.
    There's something magical about the streets quieting down but the lights staying on. The cooling down of the muggy day, and the random gusts of hot wind blowing through your hair. Magic! ❤️❤️
  3. The T
    So weird to say after years of griping about the green line, but living in LA will make you feel that way about public transit.
  4. Coolidge Corner
    Every time I go back it's different, a true representation of high rental prices forcing out local businesses to replace them with banks. And yet! I grew up there. The same ice cream shop is there from when I was a kid. The Jewish side of the street is basically unchanged, and features the best bagels at Kupels. The theater! My favorite place to sit in front of Devotion. Miss it so much.
  5. The proximity to New York
    Anytime I wanted I could jump on a $20 bus and see my friends. Now I jump on a $300, 6-hour plane ride. And jetlag! Buh.
  6. My sister
    Miss you everyday @Lu 😭😭