My hometown!
  1. Brookline Booksmith
    And its amazing used book cellar.
  2. Busy Bee diner
    Authentic diner experience, complete with crabby (yet loveable) waitresses and unreliable hours. Best omelettes of my life time and time again.
  3. Tatte cafe and bakery
    Across the street from the Busy Bee you can find this (much classier) establishment with fucking delicious pastries and good coffee. Their sandwiches are bananas. Anytime I'm home I make a point to attack their savory pastries.
  4. Coolidge Corner theater
    Where do I begin? The 24 hour horror movieathon every Halloween? The constant rotation of amazing indie movies? The themed sing along nights? The red velvet CURTAIN that OPENS to reveal your MOVIE on the SCREEN?????
  5. Larz Anderson park and auto museum
    These rolling hills are where I went sledding and ice skating as a child. My beautiful sister @Lu had her wedding here and it was fucking magical. MAGICAL.
  6. Arnold Arboretum
    Pretty walks, pretty trees, pretty life.
  7. Longwood Mall
    Small and quaint, this park holds hundred-plus years old beech trees with long, gnarled branches that are perfect to read under. Around the corner from my childhood home.
  8. Summit Ave park
    Unconfirmed highest point in town, great views of the city.
  9. Allston Diner
    Best fried chicken sandwich that has ever graced my facebuds.
  10. Anna's Taqueria
    Best quesadilla, which is actually a fried burrito.
  11. El Pelon taqueria
    Best burrito.
  12. Publick House
    Great beer, greater burgers.
  13. Amory park and garden sanctuary
    One part baseball field and dog park, one part lush walk through gorgeous vegetation. And tennis courts, if you're into that sort of thing.
  14. Very homesick now.
  15. Also, really hungry.