1. It was just another afternoon at the coffee shop.
    Making coffee and taking names, as I like to call it.
  2. As the day went on, foot traffic picked up, and - not to brag - I was killing it.
    Multitasking the crap out of espresso, pour-over, milk steaming, cleaning, and taking orders on a two-woman bar. I had a touch of adrenaline running through the ol' blood pipes. Also caffeine, lots and lots of caffeine.
  3. At some point I look up and see Iwan Rheon in line.
  4. Look familiar??????
  5. I die.
  6. I see famoes pretty frequently at the shop, and I play it pretty cool.
  7. Inside I'm like—
  8. But I'm on fire today, so it just fuels me. I make a plan.
    I was gonna hand him his drink and tell him I'm a huge fan of his from GoT AND The Misfits and then run away.
  9. I casually call out to him. "Hey there, what can I get started for you?"
    So cool, so casual, so excited I can't breathe.
  10. He and his girlfriend order a couple of pour-overs.
    I nod. Got you covered bro.
  11. I press the grinder, turn to pull more espresso, and fling my hand into the glass and ceramic pour overs.
  12. They crash and shatter all over. There are shards of glass everywhere.
  13. Whole body turns red.
    My face must have been eggplant. I was blushing so hard.
  14. I run to clean it up, then am bent over, ass up trying to get the glass from under the slats.
    It takes me so long to realize how much butt I'm giving them. And then still so long to get the glass out. Eventually I abandon it because the line is out the goddamn door.
  15. I want to make a joke, because I'm still an idiot nerd.
    "Don't flay me ha ha ha."
  16. Instead I apologize, take their money (because they have still not paid), and die inside.