Tastes better than cooled down hot coffee, takes 1/2004738th of the time as cold-brewed coffee.
  1. To start, this recipe uses a Hario V60 pour-over method, but you can use any method of drip coffee so long as you have the correct amount of ice and water (and coffee!).
  2. This is also only for one 350ml cup of coffee. If you'd like to make more, just double the recipe.
  3. For this recipe you'll need: a scale, 23-24 grams fresh ground coffee, pour over device and filter, 100 grams of ice, and 250 grams of hot water.
  4. Step 1
    Place ice in your cup of choice or whatever you're dripping the coffee into. Cubed trays normally make one-ounce cubes, so about 4-5 cubes.
  5. Step 2
    Put your filter in the pour over and wet it, getting rid of any papery taste. Place it over the cup of ice and add coffee to the pour over. I prefer single-origin coffees (used a delicious Kenya for this today), but any coffee will work. Coffee should be a medium-fine grind, about the consistency of fine salt. Shake the coffee to make an even bed in the device. Tare the scale to 0.
  6. Step 3
    When hot water is about 30 seconds off boil, pour 45-50 grams of water over the coffee in a smooth, concentric circle. This period is called the bloom, it expands and degasses the coffee, releasing strong flavors.
  7. Step 4
    When the coffee has stopped expanding and looks like it's starting to form a crust, start your second pour. More slow concentric circles. Stop when you hit 150 grams total.
  8. Step 5
    When the water from the second pour is almost all drained, start the third pour. Stop at 250 grams total.
  9. Step 6
    You're done! Toss the filter, rinse pour over, and add more cubes till you get your desired cool temperature.
  10. I love making this style iced coffee because it avoids the stale taste of hot coffee that's cooled down, but takes the same time as a regular brewed cup. The flavors are fresh and bright, and tastes delicious on its own.
  11. ** Note: if you prefer a heavier bodied coffee, something to put cream in, or just a darker flavor in general, use a coffee blend and closer to 30 grams of coffee, 60 grams of water for the bloom. The above recipe will yield a milder and fruitier tasting coffee.
  12. Happy brewing! ☕️