I moved here a little over a month ago. We're in the honeymoon phase.
  1. Close to family in Boston
    A 4 hour bus ride > a 4 hour plane ride. Being in the same time zone is so so nice.
  2. Public transit everyone uses
    Yes, Los Angeles has a public transit system, but I found it incredibly economically segregated. Not to mention mostly inconvenient! If you have to change over you may as well add an hour to your trip. The MTA isn't perfect, but everyone is on it together.
  3. Inclement weather
    I'm not being crazy. The sun was bleaching my brain.
  4. The best friends a girl could ask for
    My absolute favorite humans that I saw once a year I now get to see once a week. It's how it's meant to be.
  5. Motivation to move forward in my career
    I got so stuck in LA. Uprooting your life really gets you going!
  6. Greenpoint, Brooklyn
    I live in one of the sweetest neighborhoods, with quick ways into Manhattan and the rest of Brooklyn. I'm so close to groceries, laundry, bakeries, coffee, and anything else you could ask for. My ❤️to Greenpoint.
  7. Looking across that beautiful skyline as I cross the Pulaski Bridge, and feeling completely at home.