1. It's been 6 months since last intentional exercise. Feel sluggish, slow, and usually tired.
  2. Remember you pay $30 a month for a gym membership.
  3. Internal berating.
  4. Steps 2+3 for 4 more weeks
  5. Wake up one morning with a random burst of restlessness.
  6. Why not go? You've got energy to spare. Maybe it'll be ok!
  7. Pack gym bag, fill water bottle, get out.
  8. Arrive at gym.
  9. Watch dozens of juiced up bros look up from their reps, then look away.
  10. Fuck LA gyms, they are the worst.
  11. Light cardiovascular exercise.
  12. Feel amazing, and not terrible like you thought you would.
  13. Make pact with self to come at least a couple times a week.
  14. For 3 weeks, exercise a couple times a week.
  15. Feel rejuvenated, awake, and generally happier.
  16. Stop exercising for 7 months.