1. Boston streets.
    In so many "Boston" movies you get the aerial shot of the Hancock or the Longfellow bridge to establish, then are transported to some random street in Jersey or LA (I'm looking at you, The Heat!). There were so many points in the movie where I thought, "hey, looks like Somerville/Southie/South End." The houses were right, the streets were right, it was all.... Right.
  2. Boston shout outs.
    Arlington station! BPL! The financial district! Random towns like Fall River and Haverhill! Nobody reads The Phoenix anymore!
  3. Boston accents.
    Some were stronger than others, for sure (@sarahgorman covered this extensively ) but it still felt like listening to old friends. The usual crap in movies sounds like what everyone talks like when they're trying to mimic a Boston accent, rather than actually doing it. I mean, come on Matt Damon! You're from Cambridge! How do you still overdo it so bad.
  4. Boston weather.
    You see snow on the ground, gray ass cold days, and some nice sunny ones sprinkled in for fun. Just like Boston.
  5. Boston feel.
    The communities. The close-knit feeling that you know someone that knows someone. Neighborhoods where people watch out for one another, even to their detriment. That is so real in Boston and so lacking in Boston movies.
  6. Boston's age.
    You feel it! The houses are colonials, and the churches are red bricks and stained glass. You feel it so acutely because, again, it's all Boston scenery. The steps of the Boston Public Library, the church at Copley Square, the storefronts in the South End! All old, all real, all Boston.
  7. The Catholic presence is real.
    I grew up in Jewish AF Brookline and I still felt it.
  8. I am so homesick now. I never thought I'd miss the green line. Spotlight is amazing, go see it for so many reasons besides these, but then take me back home.