Why Dev Is the Best Ceo I Know

Full disclosure, he's the only ceo I know. And I just make him coffee. I still believe my views on the topic of CEOdom are more valid than the Money Makers Journal*.
  1. GREAT shoe game.
    Dev always rolls in with some sweet kicks. Today they were chukka(?) rainboots. Before he had some custom vans with pretttty cool graffiti(? I actually don't remember, just remember that they were cool as fuuuuuck).
  2. Hangs out and talks to me.
    He's a busy dude with a cool 'tude. Stays to chat for a sec before continuing on his definitely epic day of killing it.
  3. Brings eye candy.
    Sometimes rolls in with Known Cutie @bjnovak 👀👀👀
  4. Gives good Hug
    Only happened once but it was definitely a trademarked Good Hug.
  5. My favorite customer.
    Which makes me think he's probably a great boss too.
  6. Made the fucking List App.
  7. *
    Real publication in my heart.
  8. Thanks for being awesome, @dev !