The jig is up @Lu
  1. She'll turn our parents into grandparents, and how cute would that be!
  2. She's been married for 3 years, with her hubs for way longer.... Now it's time for offspring. Love. Marriage. Progeny carriage.
  3. Her best friends are getting pregnant or have already birthed. Peer pressure.
  4. How cute are baby clothes, though!
  5. Especially when it's stuff that adults wear. Baby Chuck Taylors. Baby flannels. Baby bow ties.
  6. Essentially, a baby hipster.
  7. The in-laws will also be very happy.
  8. All the more incentive for me to move back to Boston! Or New York, let's be real.
  9. I want to be an aunt so so so so so so so so much please please make me an aunt.