presents a special project about #WomenAndGuns.
  1. 77% of gun owning women said protection against strangers was a main reason they have a handgun.
  2. 74% of women believe that men and women have different mindsets about guns.
  3. 63% of women want gun laws to be a major topic in the coming presidential debates.
  4. 62% of women say laws governing gun sales should be stricter. 29% think the laws are fine as they are, and 8% say they should be less strict.
  5. 61% of women who own a gun have more than one.
  6. 56% of gun-owning women think having a fun at home makes it a safer place. But only 20% of women in the general populace do.
  7. 51% of women want the next president to take action about guns, including 25% advocating for tougher gun control and 14% asking for better background checks and mental health screenings.
  8. 51% of women would vote for a political candidate who vowed to push for gun control. 47% wouldn't.
  9. 47% of women said seeing a civilian in public wearing a holstered gun would make them feel less safe.
  10. 32% of American women report that they live in a household with a gun.
  11. 17% of women have shot a gun for any reason in the last five years.
  12. 15% of gun-owning women reported carrying a loaded handgun in the last 30 days.
  13. 13% of women have gone shooting at a shooting range in the last five years.
  14. 12% of American women own a gun themselves.
  15. 10% of women say they think about guns roughly once a day.
  16. 5% of women have attended a gun show or expo in the last five years.
  17. 5% of women have given or received a gun as a gift in the last five years.
  18. 4% of women have witnessed gun violence or the threat of it in person in the last five years.
  19. 4% of women have gone hunting with a gun in the last five years.
  20. 4% of women have gotten a gun for the first time in the last five years.
  21. 3% of women have obtained one or more guns in addition to those they already owned in the last five years.
  22. 2% of women have lobbied for gun rights in the last five years.