AKA modern art.
  1. Hair contouring
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    It was only a matter of time, right?
  2. Sand art hair
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    Editors' tip: Toss the at-home box color and leave this one to the pros.
  3. Color-blocked roots
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    For so long, roots had been shunned—but that's a thing of the past now.
  4. Colombré
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    Our verdict: It's less taxing on the hair with the same cool-girl benefits.
  5. Hair tapestries
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    Looking to add a dash of color to hair without hitting the peroxide?
  6. Tie-dye hair
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    This is basically your dad's perfectly worn-in Grateful Dead T-shirt in a hairstyle.
  7. Galaxy hair
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    Warning: it's definitely Insta-worthy, but it's an hours-long process.
  8. Rainbow roots
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    So. Cool. Enough. Said.
  9. Fluid hair painting
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    Bid adieu to foil because fluid hair painting could very well be the future.
  10. Glitter roots
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    '90s lovers, rejoice.