1. I've been lucky in many senses.
    My first job has been nerve-wrecking due to the amount of detail being implemented and the lack of experience I have with the simplest of tasks. Being flustered doesn't help. Although all of this is in account, the people I've worked with are helpful and understanding. I know I may be a bother from time to time, but I know they know I have potential or else they would've given up on me a long time ago. This seems like such a big deal for one of the easiest jobs, but it really shouldn't be.
  2. I might have anxiety.
    I'm flustered by many things, but lately it's been unpreventable. It's to the point where I cannot stop thinking of future endeavors and reacting.
  3. High school wasn't a big deal.
    Although I've learned much throughout high school: been educated academically and socially, I don't think I reached my full potential in the past four years. I've been limited to being in a small bubble and preventing myself from expressing my thoughts deliberately. True growth is freedom and being fearless, and I don't think I've accomplished that just yet.
  4. Stop creating a perspective of someone based on other's opinion of that person.
    Just because someone doesn't like another person doesn't mean that you should create a negative image of them in your head. Take the time to personally know that person before judging.
  5. Learn to manage money.
    I need to stop spending on unnecessary items and focusing more on what's best for me on the long-run.
  6. Men