This is visit #4 inside a week. Trying to squeeze them in before school starts.
  1. Me: taking notes on presentation, on my phone.
  2. Him (my son): "What are you doing? Stop."😠
  3. Me: raising my hand to ask a question during the presentation
  4. Him: "Stop."😡
  5. Him, on the Gdoc I'm taking notes on.
  6. Me: 🙄
  7. Me: when did I become utterly responsible for his happiness?
  8. Me: how did I raise such a rude kid?
  9. Me: 🙁
  10. Me: 😞
  11. Me: I know this day is about him, but c'mon, if he had it his way I would just stop breathing until the tour is over.
  12. Me: I'm going to take it in stride and persevere. And love him.
  13. Update... He apologized and the rest of the day has been fine.
  14. 😌