I'm So Old

Older than y'all. Inspired by @k8zinker and @roche.
  1. I remember when the choice was whether to get a Dorothy Hammill cut
  2. Or a Farrah Fawcett cut
    I got these wings, they lasted for exactly one hour from the moment I left the hair salon
  3. Speaking of which...
    Three amazing, talented young women who can do anything yet still manage to be subjugated my a rich old white man. Wtf.
  4. Tony Orlando & Dawn, Donnie & Marie, Sonny & Cher. Captain & Tennille
    Muskrat Love.
  5. The adventures of Jamie Sommers
  6. The bicentennial
  7. The first time people went back to the theater over & over again to see the same movie.
    I saw it four times and was completely in love with Luke Skywalker.
  8. I am so old I remember when jogging became a "thing".
    My dad went jogging in NH and someone driving by stopped to ask if he needed a ride.
  9. When 42nd street was famous for something else.
  10. This was my Saturday night date in high school
  11. 9 to 5
  12. I remember when you got 24 or 36 shots and that was it.
    And you had to wait until it was developed to find out if any of the pictures came out well.
  13. I remember these
  14. And these
  15. And when ABBA was a band, not a Broadway show
  16. I actually drove one of these
    It was already super old when I got it but still. Best. Car. Ever.
  17. I love getting old and having all these memories.
  18. And I love being married to someone who was born the same year as I
    and who knows that the zip code for ZOOM is 0-2-1-3-4.
  19. 😊💕