No definitions. Look 'em up.
  1. Bellicose
    Means the opposite of what it sounds like
  2. Aphorism
    Makes me think of aphids
  3. Irregardless
    Just kidding. HATE this bastard word and everyone who doesn't understand the whole double-negative thing.
  4. Defenestration
    Why is there a word for this, when there is no parallel word in the dictionary for misogynist? Literally, there is no word to describe people who hate men, but we have a word for throwing someone out a window. Wtf.
  5. Synapse
    Love words with middle y's in general. Dysfunction. Synergy. Rhys. Abyss...
  6. Domicile
    Learned from a linguist that all the fancy English words like this one are French in origin. And all the simple words, like "house" come from German influences.
  7. Queue
    So many vowels.
  8. Quay
    Only because it's pronounced "key" which doesn't make any sense at all.