Things I'm Going To Miss About My Mother When She's Dead

Or, trying to think good thoughts when all I want to do is kill her.
  1. She is the only person in the world who is always genuinely happy to see me.
  2. All the crazy stories about our relatives that I never pay attention to.
    ...and have never bothered to write down.
  3. Her insatiable curiosity
    She did 23-and-me before anyone had even heard of it. Turns out my whiter than white Irish mother is actually 6% black African.
  4. Her irreverence
    "To get a PhD you just need an IQ of 110"
  5. A million other things I can't think of right now
    But that will be immediately obvious to me the minute she is gone.
  6. Relisting because she just died unexpectedly a few days ago, and they're all true.