Things I think I know

And that I confidently tell people all the time. My kids have heard these way too often.
  1. Your love/hate of cilantro is genetic
    I think this one's true, it's in your DNA.
  2. Your general level of happiness is also genetic
    And no matter what terrible thing happens to you, you will eventually return to your base happiness state, more or less.
  3. Never take Tylenol after you've been drinking
    This ones true, they'll overload your liver. Take Advil or aspirin, those go through your kidneys.
  4. Even-numbered highways are east-west, odd-numbered are north-south, and three-digit highways travel in a circle, usually around a city.
  5. Some insects can see ultraviolet "color"
    Remember ROYGBIV and the EM spectrum? Well infrared literally means "below red" and ultraviolet means "above violet". Humans can't see either.
  6. The iridescent blue color of the Blue Morpho butterfly isn't from color at all.
    The wings have nanoscale structures (probably brown) that are smaller than the wavelength of light and interact with light to create that spectacular blue color.
  7. When you learn a language determines where it resides in your brain. When you learn, say, French, in school, those synapses develop in a different place from the synapses that enable your primary language.
    We know this bc some people who have had strokes lose primary language but retain their other language.