An ode to Chad

So much to ode about and we're only 2 episodes in
  1. His beard
    He definitely snapped at some poor unsuspecting stylist when they came at him with clippers because who would want to be as crisp and pretty as these other dudes? Not Chad.
  2. He's strong
    And likes to remind us of it
  3. He knows what women want
    Manlier, more rugged versions of our exes is always what we want
  4. Protein is important to him
  5. Like really important
  6. Just look at how important this protein is for Chad
  7. His honesty is often mistaken for rudeness
    Jojo wants a man who is honest with her about her nagging not one that will tell her nice things.
  8. He's always looking out
    Chad knows best
  9. He doesn't jump on the bandwagon
    Girls don't want guys who sing campfire songs about them. They just don't.
  10. He's not here to make friends
  11. Chad, keep up the good work. we hope to have many more odes to come