For the record, I have an insane amount of hair and as such I have approximately 4 hours for thoughts
  1. Where are the magazines?
    This is the one opportunity outside of the grocery store to read a bunch of fashion and gossip pieces that I'm too embarrassed to admit that I read irl. Give me all of the magazines, I have lots to catch up on.
  2. Ooh loving this free mini facial
    Why don't I get these every day?
  3. Is this what it feels like to be a celebrity? Hair and massages and facials and complete pampering?
  4. This is definitely what it feels like to be a celebrity
    *googles quickest ways to gain celebrity status *
  5. Over/under that they have snacks?
    Or that I can bribe the receptionist to pop out and get me something?
  6. Everyone who works here is a flawless goddess
    There is not one hair out of place or chipped nail or subpar makeup application. Sheer perfection. For the first time in my life, I'm regretting wearing sweatpants. Like why don't I at least make an effort when I come here? I couldn't have put on mascara? Or real clothes? #regrets
  7. Hair salon convos are excellent
    And even better when they're not yours 👂🏽👂🏽👂🏽
  8. Since when do little kids get to watch movies while getting their hair cut? I don't recall that being part of my childhood
  9. Just kidding I do [remember the movie-watching]
    It was just on a small TV-VCR mounted on the wall far away rather than a 25 HD screen a foot from the hair cut chair
  10. Ok screw snacks I'm about to order a pizza
  11. There are three people working on my hair right now. Three. As in two more than one.
  12. At the end: please look good please look good
    Things are about to get awkward if it doesn't
  13. It does. It looks fabulous. I look fabulous.
  14. I just hugged the stylist. Is that weird? It's weird isn't it?
    Oh well it happened.
  15. #fabulous