In no particular order.
  1. Tasting the raw crêpe batter
  2. Sitting on my grandma's bed while she paints
  3. Fighting over which radio station to listen to with my mother
  4. Watching Buffy and Charmed while eating crêpes with my mother
  5. Staying up late and falling alseep in front of the tv
  6. Picking up blackberries in my grandparents' garden
  7. Hiking in the calanques with my grandpa
  8. Walking my grandparents' dog in the forest
  9. Watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air with my grandma on Saturday mornings
  10. Going to the park with my mother and playing "petit bac"
  11. Spying on our neighbors with my best friend's sound amplifier
  12. Reading Harry Potter for the first time
  13. Dragging my uncle to the premiere of the first HP movie
  14. Going to walk on the beach on Christmas day and freeze our asses off
  15. Go to the video club
  16. Watch the Sunday Night movie with my mother
  17. Secretely listening to the late night radio show in my bed
  18. Arguing over which Buffy character we would be with my friends.
  19. Eating my grandma chickpea soup
  20. Pretending I'm a grown up and drinking a little bit of champagne on my birthday
  21. Copying all the pages from our Atlas about New York and San Francisco in a nice notebook and illustrating the whole thing with pics I cut off from a free travel magazine I picked up at the local travel agency
  22. Reading Asterix at my grandparents' house
  23. Watching Hitchcock movies with my mother on rainy weekend afternoons
  24. Spending two weeks in bed reading The Lord of the Ring for the first time
  25. Making "cakes" with "all the ingredients we can find in our kitchen" with my best friend and daring each other to taste them
  26. Reading my mother's stories about her time in boarding school
  27. Playing chess with my grandfather
  28. Reading my grandma's Art et Décoration magazine and drawing my dream house