1. "Well of course some days I just lie around and hardly exist"
    Objects of My Affection - Peter Bjorn and John
  2. "I'm a mental case"
    Mental Case - Skaters
  3. "Don't worry when I get back home I'll just stay in bed I'm better off alone"
    Creep In A T-Shirt - Portugal. The Man
  4. "I used to take the long way just so I could walk past your door"
    Disciples - Tame Impala
  5. "I got locked in myself and I don't know what to do"
    St. Justice - Albert Hammond Jr.
  6. "I'm just a creep in a t-shirt jeans I don't fuckin' care"
    Creep In A T-Shirt - Portugal. The Man
  7. "I never look good cause it's so hard to do"
    Miss Teen Massachusetts - Skaters
  8. "And I act like a child and I'm insecure and I'm filled with doubt and I'm immature"
    What I'm Looking For - Brendan Benson