originally from the north shore of Nassau County, I now call Westchester County home
    Larchmont, NY is 19 miles northeast of midtown Manhattan, is roughly a 30 minute drive in with no traffic and a 35-40 minute train ride away. I do not live upstate. Stop.
  2. We have our own beaches
    they are private, but they are there, along the Long Island sound
  3. Voted the best place to live in America in 2005
    which is when we moved and partly why; our high school is unranked by U.S. news reports because we don't rank students, yet our graduation rate is 89% and and overwhelming majority go to great colleges, and we also have a nationally recognized performing arts program (that I loved) and an advanced math and science program (that I hated because I hate math)
  4. so many restaurants!!!
    in mamaroneck, the other village in the town of mamaroneck (made up of larchmont and mamaroneck) you can choose from roughly 7-8 different Asian fusion places on the same block, Chinese take out, Italian, middle eastern plus many French cafes in larchmont
  5. we have one of the highest concentrations of French in the United States
    when the Huguenots left France, many moved to New Rochelle (the town below larchmont), larchmont and mamaroneck. I am not French, just to be clear
  6. many, many trees
    larchmont was named after the larch tree. I don't know what it looks like but I think we have a lot of them
  7. it is pretty democratic
    surprising as the median income is like $175,000
  8. there are so many things to do at my age!!
    this is a lie. you can sit by the water or smoke weed by the water or smoke weed in the McDonald's parking lot which no one really does anymore, you can pool hop in the summer (which I have not), you can join the pool, the yacht clubs and country clubs which you probably won't if your family is not already a member, or you can use your friends family's memberships like me
  9. we have the best bagels
    anyone who says otherwise has not had our fresh, homemade bagels courtesy of village square bagels and is either a liar or in denial. it's the water.
  10. overall, I am #blessed to have grown up in such a lovely area, both here and on Long Island, and really can't complain but like ......
    pls let me move out. send me bagels tho