this is all u need to kno
  1. lyrics to gin and juice by snoop doggy dog
  2. G13 strain information from
  3. lyrics to paradise by big sean
    I almost know them all!! last verse kills tho
  4. look at the flick of the wrist
    is it a song?? a saying?? who the fuck is chedda da connect???
  5. an Atlantic article on why "pot smokers are skinnier" sent to me by my boyfriend @sammyszkowski several months ago
  6. this beautiful gif of the cat I want to be, which I appreciated whole heartedly before reading the caption, also sent to me by Sam I make a habit of looking at this every day. it also has its own bookmark tab on my laptop
  7. Louis Vuitton wallets that I'm asking my mom for, for my college graduation in two years
    I don't even like LV that much. give me APC, give me rag and bone!!! I am a piece of shit!!!! these wallets are nice tho