let me point out that I am not white
  1. my family requesting chief keef at the function!!!
  2. my family rapping along (badly) to chief keef at the function!!!
  3. my family asking me when i started liking rap; my ass is culturally white as fuck
    about three years ago. have you seen the entirety of noisey atlanta three times??! I think not bitch
  4. so much free booze!!!
  5. my moms stern looks as i reach for the booze because she still lowkey thinks I'm an alcoholic
  6. my entire family doing the "nae nae" dance
  7. the entire elmhurst neighborhood of Queens hearing a weird trap queen remix
    I could hear kids singing along miles away
  8. waiting for cake and subsequently dippin
  9. the enjoyment of realizing my family is weird af but we lit af too