my flight from FLL to LGA is delayed due to thunderstorms... so typical
  1. why does my mom get pre check TSA but I don't???
    she is not a senior
  2. why is this thunderstorm lasting so long?
    they last like 30 mins tops in Florida but it's been an hour
  3. should I eat my sandwich now or later?
    not anticipating this delay, my nicely toasted sandwich is likely now cold and every time I go to eat it, it says we board in like two minutes so I wait and then we don't board and I am hungry
  4. I'm so cold
    I put my pants in my carry on which I ended up checking in at the gate and it's buried underneath other bag, sigh
  5. will the plane also be cold??
    :/ probably :/
  6. how much longer are we gonna sit here?
  7. I wonder how much an airport blanket costs