Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. This is @Nicholas and here's a possible story behind his profile pic.
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  2. It was Sunday afternoon and he was just having some snacks, drinking root beer and watching football with his lovely wife while his kid was crafting some Halloween decorations.
  3. It was halftime show when the little boy came to his dad with this flower mask made out of yellow paper.
  4. He made one for his mom too! It was a white daisy. The cutest thing! Very thoughtful.
  5. As a parent, you always have to make your kids happy and so did @Nicholas
  6. After being asked several times, he wore the flower on his face and so did his wife.
    It brought the biggest smile to the kid's face!
  7. When the game ended, @Nicholas ended up falling asleep because he ate too much.
    Typical Sunday.
  8. It was the perfect timing for his wife and his kid to draw a mustache on him while he was asleep!
    This is what you get for deep sleeping on the sofa @Nicholas 😂
  9. And when he woke up he went to the bathroom and BOOM! 🎉
  10. Surprise!
  11. The family was laughing and laughing. It was one of those happy days that you wanna remember. So they took that picture 😀
  12. The end.