Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. The story takes place on a Friday.
    Last days of finals in my first semester in Architecture school.
  2. I came to class earlier to review some last points before the test.
    As usual I always have to be at places in advance.
  3. The professor started explaining the procedure and all those formalities
    I wasn't actually listening to him.
  4. Someone pokes me from behind.
    It was the guy I often saw at mass. The one I was always scared to talk to because he seemed intimidating for some reason. And I'm shy.
  5. He asks me if the sticker on my water bottle is John Mayer's.
    Surprised, I say yes. I had just put it on the bottle. I wasn't expecting anyone to recognize it. But he did.
  6. We start chatting while the professor is talking.
    Neither could believe who they just met. Fangirl and fanboy finally meet. It was magical.
  7. He starts talking about his collection.
    He showed me a picture of his bedroom with all the vinyls, posters and CDs. And I'm freaking out of course.
  8. I show him my collection.
    Which is nothing compared to what he has.
  9. He tells me how he went to the concert I missed.
    He went to Dead and Company's concert in Saint Louis and I was just angry because I didn't go because there was nobody I could have went with. Yes. I'm that kind of person.
  10. He shows me his phone lock screen.
    A picture of John that he took at the concert.
  11. He asks me what's my favorite John Mayer song.
    I say 'Born and Raised'
  12. He tells me he prefers the live versions mostly.
    And how his favorite song is 'Covered in Rain'
  13. The professor interrupts us.
    It's time to take the test.
  14. I started reading the questions on the test and all I could think of was him.
  15. I finish the test earlier than him.
  16. I go out and wait for him.
    Like an idiot. For 50 minutes. All I kept thinking was "what will my excuse be when he walks out? I was waiting for you? Someone will come pick me up?" I didn't even know what I was doing. I just knew I had to wait there.
  17. He walks out finally.
    We talk and walked to the parking lot.
  18. Back to business.
    He asks me how I got into John Mayer. And I tell him the story. He tells me his story. Everyone is happy.
  19. I tell him the story about how I loved his shoes.
    I noticed them a long time ago. They were similar to John's. He smiled. Apparently the sole of those same shoes got ripped that same day. lol
  20. He tells me he's going to Germany.
    My heart breaks. When I finally found him he's leaving. What's this?
  21. Heads up. It's only for 6 months!
    It's for the study abroad program. That I have to do in a few years.
  22. He tells me that once he's back we will go to a concert together.
    Mentally crying. He said that by the time he gets back we will have a new John Mayer cd out. Yay 🎉🍾
  23. It's time to leave.
    He hugs me (best hug ever) and I wish him a safe trip. He says that we will stay in touch. And left.
  24. This whole thing was two days ago.
  25. I still can't believe it.
  26. Can't wait.
  27. Just can't wait.
  28. Can't get over it.
    Probably never will.