Still not enough to make me switch 😝
  1. Those apps you don't use and can't delete.
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  2. The lowest brightness level is still very bright.
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  3. How the weather icon isn't showing the temperature.
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    The calendar shows the day and the clock shows the time. Why can't the weather show the temperature?
  4. Emails are harder than ever.
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  5. Siri interrupting my music.
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  6. Games draining my battery.
    This is why I have no games on my phone.
  7. Battery dying always so fast.
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    Androids win on this point.
  8. The charger constantly breaking.
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    I understand that it wouldn't break if we weren't using it while it's charging. But again, the batteries die supper fast. I can't help it. It's time for Apple to create something durable.
  9. Group messages on iMessage.
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    It's a trap!
  10. Read receipts.
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    It's rather everyone has it or nobody has it!
  11. What the heck is in the "other"
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  12. That you have to tap and hold to correct letters within a word. I deeply hate this.
    Suggested by @biz
  13. The speakerphone is weaker that the headset speaker.
    It's a fucking speakerphone - odds are I need to be able to hear it from more than one foot away in a library.
    Suggested by @jz
  14. HAVE to use auto correct because keyboard is so inferior to Blackberry's qwerty but constantly corrects abbreviations and slang.
    Suggested by @scotty23