Inspired by @obie
  1. I wanna make my eleven days there count. Any suggestions?
  2. Venice beach
    Obvious one perhaps but it's great fun
    Suggested by @b
  3. Santa Monica pier
    A classic
    Suggested by @b
  4. See a show at Hollywood bowl if possible
    Suggested by @b
  5. Watch a late night movie at Hollywood forever cemetery
    If they still do this
    Suggested by @b
  6. Eat a lot of cookies at Diddy Riese near UCLA
    Suggested by @b
  7. Amoeba Records
    Suggested by @kate81
  8. Eat lots of tasty Mexican cuisine
    I miss it! It's everywhere!
    Suggested by @b
  9. Check out the historic core of downtown
    Don't miss Olvera Street!
    Suggested by @b
  10. Go to my favorite tiki bar "Tiki Ti"
    Suggested by @b
  11. The smog!
    We have the best smog. Top-notch smog.
    Suggested by @PeteOnEarth
  12. Chicken & waffles
    Suggested by @b
  13. Griffith Observatory! And also The Getty!
    Suggested by @supercommonname
  14. Bob Baker Marionette Theatre and Blacktop Coffee
    Suggested by @Egghead
  15. The Broad!
    Suggested by @kelleyxbaby
  16. Toi on Sunset
    Best rock'n'roll thai food place
    Suggested by @kelleyxbaby
  17. If you're interested in improv comedy, check out either of the UCB theaters. 😬
    Suggested by @orsteezluis
  18. Griffith Observatory
    (try to catch at day and night, both are amazing sights)
    Suggested by @obie