Historical nurses who were game changers

There are so many nurses who did so much for people- the profession and the people we care for
  1. Hildegard Von Bingen
  2. The all time greatest Miss Florence Nightingale
  3. Mother Bickerdyke - highly regarded nurse in the Civil War who provided care to hundreds/thousands of soldiers. Sherman said of her: she out ranks me.
  4. Harriet Tubman- puts the "courage" in courageous! Principal in the Underground Railroad and continued to support the union as a spy. Born a slave - said: I saved thousands of people from slavery I could have saved many more if they knew they were a slave.
  5. Linda Richards Don't like chart? Blame Linda Richards - first trained nurse and the one to start documenting care.
  6. Edith Cavell, martyr of WWI
  7. Clara Mass- gave her life for science
  8. Lehah Higbee, Chief Navy Nursing Corps, first nurse with ship named in her honor.
  9. Annie G. Fox Annie Fox. US Army Nurse Corps Lt. Annie G. Fox was the first woman to receive the Purple Heart for combat
  10. Diane Carroll, first nurse to star in a TV show- dynamic, leader, intelligent Julia aired from 1968-1971.
  11. Eddie Bernice Johnson first nurse elected to Congress
  12. The Nurse painting by artist ROY LICHTENSTEIN is valued at $95,000,000.