Feminist Halloween Costumes

Hopefully a little more unexpected than the other lists out there.
  1. Lieutenant Uhura
    My pick for this halloween!
  2. Shakira Shakira
    Shes a UN ambassador and a member of mensa!
  3. Lesile Knope
  4. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
    Group costume. duh.
  5. Jessica Williams
    Rock a pantsuit and be hilarious. Easy peasy.
  6. Jane Fonda
  7. Broad City bitch!
  8. Sasha (walking dead)
    Or any chick from the walking dead, really.
  9. Sansa Stark Wardeness of the North!
    Yea, I said it.
  10. Frida Khalo
  11. The ladies of Coven
    Also a great group costume
  12. Michelle Obama
    Do a lot of push ups and offer people broccoli.
  13. Hermione
    Or Emma Watson
  14. Rhianna
  15. Oren ishii
    With Gogo and the crazy 88
  16. Mindy Lahiri
    Just wear everything ostentatious you own and act like you have all the white privilege.
  17. Sia
  18. Topanga Lowrance
    90's 5ever