No matter what I'm doing at home, there is always time for Dirty Dancing.
  1. Dirty Dancing.
    I first saw this movie when I was 11 or 12 with my best friend Ivana, while still living in Serbia. Though the movie came out in 1988, it was still new and hot in Serbian in 1990. Probably still is. The movie was a German bootleg and since Ivana and I didn't speak German, we made our own narrative. For a long time, like, until the last dance, we thought Johnny Castle was a real jerk....
  2. Uncle Buck.
    Nothing has made me laugh more than the scene where Buck meets the principal with the mole.
  3. National Lampoon Christmas Vacation.
    Chevy and Bev are classic.
  4. Dennis the Menace
    Margaret was always my favourite. Also, Walter Matthau with the Chicklet teeth kills me every time.
  5. Sixteen Candles
    I can't believe I gave my panties to a geek!
  6. Forrest Gump
    Loveable and sad for me. I hate that Jenny dies.
  7. Sleepless in Seattle
    Love this movie a lot. It was the first movie I was old enough to understand, as far as romance and fate and following your heart were involved. It was the first movie I related to, as far as feelings were involved.
  8. A League of Their Own
    Ok, so I love Tom Hanks! Who doesn't?!?
  9. Moulin Rouge
    Because Christian.
  10. Almost Famous
    Something so naive about this movie and about the young cast. And fantastic music.
  11. Along Came Polly
    The sharting scene alone is worth it.
  12. Elf
    That is all.