Somehow IKEA makes these things even better than the non-Swedish people. Feel free to add your own weirdness.
  1. Batteries
    Maybe it's because I love the bright, crisp yellow package they come in...
  2. Lint rollers
    For the lint.
  3. Swedish chocolate.
    Not sure if it's actually from Sweden, but it has hazelnuts so it a win.
  4. Freezer bags.
  5. Dinner napkins.
    Because classy...
  6. Lingonberry juice.
    WTF is a lingonberry, you ask? It's like if nature produced the most delicious berry and then swedes squeezed and carbonated it, then sold it at their furniture stores.
  7. Candles.
    Lingonberry candles.
  8. A super-long shoe horn.
    This is why swedes are better than us. They have figured out a way to make putting shoes on your feet totally effortless.