An entirely accurate grocery list from this past week and the reasoning/neurosis behind the purchase I find necessary to describe :
  1. Double cream Brie cheese
    Which I will undoubtably hammer down my gullet entirely in less than 48 hours
  2. Baby spinach
    Goo goo gaga , I'm full of vitamin c
  3. A package of sliced turkey breast
    Because I honestly still don't get how the deli line at Fairway works
  4. Bagels
  5. Two cans of pinto beans
  6. Frozen chicken gyozas
    My Chinese friend Vivian gets these and makes them adorably, so I feel comfortable appropriating her ethno-culinary endeavors , like every other white person .
  7. Frozen chicken burgers
    Maybe I'll be healthy someday?
  8. An avocado
    Put on the bagel ?
  9. Light cream cheese
    Definitely for the bagel
  10. Two cliff bars
    Unlike the usual 4 I buy because I spent too much on the Brie .....
  11. Eggs. Eggs. Eggs.
  12. Frozen low fat Mac and cheese
    ( see description of Brie cheese)
  13. Totals $39.41