My cousin is getting married Labor Day weekend. My grandmother, owner of successful clothing store, impeccable dresser, and true Southern Belle, has put the fear of God in every women planning to attend. She's known for her comments. In order, here are those concerned over what to wear this weekend, as I've become aware of them
  1. Me
    I'm staying with her in San Francisco, and until today, my plan was to take every dress I own to the other side of the country and let her pick.
  2. Leslie
    My aunt and mother of the groom. Ann's oldest daughter, her largest concern lies with the inevitable comment about body. Most recently, she was told she eats too much fruit.
  3. Rachel
    My cousin and Leslie's daughter - it's my understanding that she's gotten a spray tan and some new makeup for the event, so she should be covered.
  4. Jane
    My aunt's friend who is coming - there was a lot of concern on what is appropriate for an outdoor wedding in Oakland. It's just Oakland, but Ann Miller will be there. So we have to worry
  5. Sarah
    The bride. The bride is nervous about her future husband's grandmother's thoughts on her clothes. The bride is probably the most wonderful, adorable and artsy human I've ever met. Such is the power of Ann Miller.
  6. Nate
    My cousin - Barbara, Ann's youngest, is his mother - was concerned about what to wear under his blazer. Tee or button down - he should be worried.
  7. Barbara, and her daughter Sarah
    Nothing new. Still concerned.