Some fun pony pics

Horses entered my life in 3rd grade, and I learned quickly that they are gorgeous and special and real weird. After the equestrian team and a brief career in stable management, I built up quite the photo collection. While most of my pictures were injuries for the vet, I learned to have the camera ready for special moments like these. Enjoy!
  1. Dan and Ashmont defined what friends are for.
  2. Quincy's selfie game? On point.
  3. The best view. Note, Banjo is the only horse I'd ever trust with my life, and he can bow. He's pretty cool.
  4. Ever wanted a pony for Christmas? Well one kid got Princess.
  5. Dezi is two. Dezi is going to be quite the fancy man when he gets big. For now, Dezi destroys feed buckets.
  6. Dezi's baby bro Rave is the cutest napping baby that ever lived. He is now a chubster, but he's gonna be super fancy one day.
  7. I mean, this is Rave like 4 months later. He's gonna be so pretty though! And gray!
  8. This would be super majestic if the silhouette wasn't a dude pissing.
  9. Nalla is perfect when you want to prove to toddlers that birds do actually sit on horses' butts.
  10. Freckles makes a fantastic standing race horse.
  11. Freckles is also short.
  12. Frankie is creepy. And got extensions.
  13. The brown horse is not a pony. Rocky Mountain is just enormous.
  14. I miss this bitch. Sunshine was more of a PITA, but at least she was pretty.
  15. Jousting is cool too.
  16. But can we talk about the majesty that is the highland cow?