90% of my phone use is SnapChat, and I love Discover. So much so that I'm like that person on Facebook who posts 47 things a day, except I send people stories through SnapChat. It's become my main source of news, providing instant content with very little thought involved, and I like to share. It's probably not very unhealthy, but #noshame #nogain
  1. NowThis
    It's the quickest source of news in the morning. There's also a lot of news you don't normally see - they only cover Trump when it's really necessary. International news is important too!
  2. Good Luck America
    This one is only around once in a while, but I love it. Peter Hamby (and the SnapChat) does an excellent job explaining all that goes on in politics, and I at least feel like I get it when I watch him.
  3. BuzzFeed
    I mean, it's BuzzFeed. Not usually news, but I love their content. I'm just noticing all the compound words in these companies that require capitalization in the middle.
  4. Vox
    I really love Vox. Sometimes they do different stories in a day, sometimes there's a focus on one complex thing. Love it.
  5. NatGeo
    This is my favorite to share. Who doesn't love animal facts?
  6. Vice
    Vox and Vice are very similar to me, but I like the days when Vox focuses on one topic a lot, so it gave them an edge. Although the horoscopes are fun.
  7. Cosmo
    I gotta at least tap through it. How else do I keep up with the latest sex stuff?
  8. Comedy Central/Refinery29/Mashable/sweet
    In that order, these are my picks for particularly lazy days - to consume this much media to this point is actually depressing, and I don't suggest it. But the videos from Comedy Central are a nice mood lifter.