Let's cut this Prince Eric bullshit
  1. Aladdin
    Had to get this one out of the way. Probably the Ryan Gosling of animated males.
  2. Older Matthew Broderick Simba
    Stop lying to yourselves.
  3. Tai from Digimon
  4. Dimitri from Anastasia
    When he takes his tie off at the end, though? Thanks John Cusack!
  5. Yakko from Animaniacs
    All that charm and sarcasm! He definitely took some notes from the next guy on this list. As a child I wanted him and Dot to fall in love not realizing they were brother and sister, even though they said it 65 times an episode.
  6. Bugs Bunny
    Yo, that SWAGGER though. Gimme a Bronx accent any day. Jim Halpert's forefather.