1. We Don't Care - Kanye West / Breaking Bad
    The biggest missed opportunity in Breaking Bad. Imagine if Walter White blew up that building and did a slow walk away in a blaze of firestorm glory?
  2. Konstantine - Something Corporate / Catching Fire
    During many hours of summer 2011 drudgery, @micheleaaa and I decided this is Peeta's anthem and would boycott Catching Fire if it wasn't used.
  3. All the Small Things - Blink 182 / Return of the King
    This is my cousin's crusade. She insists that at the end of Return of the King when Bilbo asks Frodo about the Ring en route to the Grey Havens, Frodo looks into the camera, winks, freeze frames and "All the Small Things" plays while it fades to black and the credits roll.
  4. Wait for You - Elliot Yamin / The Office
    There is/was a bomb-ass YouTube fan video for Jim and Pam from The Office featuring this song. Must have watched it at least twice a day when I was fifteen with @nmarinese and have since convinced myself that it is part of Office canon.
  5. All Too Well - Taylor Swift / Gilmore Girls