You know who they are.
  1. Weightlifter Mark Bahlmann
  2. Anorexic/exercise addict with the layers and the messy hair
  3. Exercise addict's also very thin friend with the cuter messy hair, often braided.
  4. Bald, what IS your deal anyway? older guy usually seen standing in front of anorexic's treadmill chatting.
  5. Lady who is probably very nice but who wears sports bras that ARE JUST NOT AT ALL PROVIDING THE LEVEL OF SUPPORT SHE NEEDS who is usually on elliptical in front of me.
  6. Lady who is 15-30 years too old to be wearing talking shirts of any sort, but especially ones with hashtag phrases.
  7. Dad who seems nice when dropping his kid off in ChildWatch but then during his weightlifting workout routine has a look on his face like he might rip someone's heart out.
  8. Girl who does an entire workout going backwards or sideways on the stairclimber. She must really hate herself.
  9. Older guy who does a whole workout walking very slowly backwards on the treadmill. He knows that's not how it works, right?
  10. Girl with a perpetual wedgie who is either in her early 30s or mid-50s, hard to tell most days, and who has weird form on the elliptical probably due to disfigured feet and toes. Works out with her twin.